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These Harry Potter Potions make fabulous decorations for any Harry Potter themed party or room as well as a Halloween decoration. Print these Free Harry Potter Printable Potion Bottle Labels then use them to create your own collection of magical potion bottles.

Where do I get bottle for potions?

I found these three bottles at the local craft store. They often have lots of different styles and sizes to choose from. They can also be found at the Dollar store. If you are shopping on Amazon, here are a few good ones too.


Here is a supply list for making potion jars.

  • FREE Labels Printed on Paper (FREE Download)
  • Decou-Page from DecoArt
  • Black Marker
  • Crayons
  • Water
  • Bottles with Cork Tops
  • Scissors
  • Hogwarts Wax Seal
  • Envelope Seal Wax

Directions for Making the Harry Potter Potions Jars

Turn the words into labels by adding detailed borders around them with a black marker.

Cut out the labels. Color the labels if desired.

You could also use ink or markers on the edges to make them look old.

Adhere them to the glass jars with Decou-Page. To do this, simple paint the backs of the labels then press to the jar and hold until they stick. Press out any bubbles. Next, paint a layer of the Decou-Page over the tops and let dry completely.

Use the wax and wax seal to add a touch of Hogwarts magic to the tops of the corks.

The Harry Potter Magical Potion Bottles are not only really fun for party decorating but also for doing together as a Harry Potter Party Craft.

What do the Potions in Harry Potter work for?

There are eight potion names in the free printable to make labels. Here is what they do!

Polyjuice Potion is a potion that allowed the drinker to assume the form of someone else! It is complicated to make and takes a lot of practice.

Skele Gro is a dreadful-tasting potion which restored bones!

Wolfsbane is a complex potion that relieves, but doesn’t cure the symptoms of werewolfry.

Pepper-Up potion is used to cure colds and to warm the recipient up. Drinking it can cause steam to come out of your ears!

Felix Felicis is a potion that makes the drinker lucky for a period of time so that everything they attempt would be successful. It is also known as liquid luck.

Amortentia is a potion that makes you fall in love! It is the most powerful love potion in the whole wide world.

The Confusing Concoction causes confusion to whoever drinks it.

Get the free download HERE!

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