How to Create a DIY Thanksgiving Wreath for Your Front Door

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In this tutorial I’ll explain everything you need to know to create a front door wreath for the Thanksgiving holiday using fall colored flowers, grapevine, hot glue and your choice of ribbon (optional). For this tutorial I’ve chosen to use peonies, but you can choose to use any flower of your liking, including hydrangeas (always popular), dahlias, or even magnolia flowers.

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Materials: To get started, you’ll need to choose three colors to make up your fall color pattern, and you'll need three flowers of each color. I chose spiced orange, crimson and champagne for mine, because I like the way it looks on my black door and it complements my brick color…it really allows the wreath to pop! You’ll also need a simple 16” grapevine wreath base, a pair of wire clippers and a glue gun. If you’d like a larger wreath, substitute a 20” grapevine base and use 12 peonies. This will create an approximate 24” wreath.
Clip all nine of your peonies so a stem of approximately 3” remains for each (make sure to keep the long stem as it has the leaves you will need later, if you choose to have leaves in your wreath).
Take your 16” grapevine base and place your first peony through its center as shown in the picture below.
You will then continue with the other flowers of that same color, placing them in a triangle shape on the grapevine with equal distance between each flower.
Proceed with the next color, placing each of those three peonies next to the first three, again in the center of the grapevine and forming another triangle shape.
Your remaining three peonies of your last color should now fit nicely in the spaces remaining on your grapevine base.
At this point, it is important to hold your wreath up and take a look at its center. The overall beauty of your wreath is dependent on its finished shape; it’s critical to make sure your wreath is round (not oblong), which is highly dependent on making sure that the negative space in the center of your wreath is in the shape of a circle.
After you’ve pushed all of your peonies down into the grapevine base as far as you can, make sure that they’re the same height above the grapevine. Turn your wreath face down and lay it flat on your table. Once your glue gun is plugged in and heated, make circles with the hot glue around the stems that are poking out like the picture shows. It’s important to get a good seal around each peony stem so the peonies stay in the grapevine.
After the glue dries for about 8-10 minutes, use your clippers to clip the ends of the stems down to the base of the grapevine as shown in the picture. It’s important to do this so you don’t scratch your door with the wire that’s inside the stems. Tip: for added protection, you can cut out pieces of felt to glue onto each stem.
Turn your wreath back over and check the center again. You may need to do some minor adjusting, but nothing major. If you prefer your Thanksgiving holiday peony wreath without leaves, you are finished! Consider whether you want to hang directly from a door hanger or if you’d like to tie it up with your fall-colored ribbon of choice! (See last photo in tutorial)

If you’d like to add additional dimension and a little more color to your wreath, continue reading and keep that glue gun plugged in! What I love about this particular wreath project is that you can use almost all parts of the peony stems. I really feel like I get my money’s worth ☺. Grab the stems that you set aside earlier and pull all the individual leaf “branches” off. Each stem should yield five larger leaf branches and one smaller leaf branch. Place them into separate piles as seen below.
You’re now going to glue and place a large leaf branch in between each peony on the outside of the wreath. With your glue gun, put a generous amount of glue on the bottom stem of the first large leaf branch. It’s important to get the leaf stem pushed down far into the grapevine so it has something to hold on to and seal to, but be careful not to touch the glue as it’s VERY hot! Continue around the wreath until you have nine large leaf branches sticking out from in between the peonies as shown. Discard the remaining large leaves.
Glue the smaller leaf branches to the inside center of your peony wreath in the same way you glued the larger leaf branches around the outside. You can use as little or as many as you want. For mine, I usually use about 5-6 small leaf branches on the inside.
Congratulations, you’re done! Your very own gorgeous Thanksgiving DIY wreath for all of your family, friends and Thanksgiving guests to admire! Best of all, you can say that you created it yourself!
Here is another option for you! The picture below shows the peony wreath without leaves, a different color pattern and a chocolate ribbon. Notice the wreath's center? Remember: the center circle is key to a great looking wreath! The options to create your own DIY wreath are endless!

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