How to Make a Patriotic Bandana Wreath

Shawna Bailey
by Shawna Bailey
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10 Minutes
Fourth of July is almost upon us, and I always need more 4th of July decorations. For quick and easy front door decor, I made this stunning red, white and blue bandana wreath. It's hard to believe how simple this is!
Step 1: Gather Your Materials
I used a wire wreath, red and white bandanas, blue fabric, large silver beads and a hot glue gun. The silver beads were a little something extra, but I think they really complete the look!

Step 2: Put in Your Bandanas
The great thing about these wire wreaths (besides for being reusable) is that they make any fabric look really nice and voluminous with minimal effort. All I did was stuff the fabric folds of the bandanas between the wires, using my fingers to poke them in.
I alternated between red and white bandanas, until I got about one third of the way around the wreath. Tuck the bandanas in more tightly for let volume, or more loosely for more volume.

Step 3: Add the Blue Fabric
I added blue tulle-like fabric in the exact same way as the bandanas. My blue fabric had a top layer with a little bit of shimmer, so it looked really lovely when bunched loosely around the wreath form.

Step 4: Glue on the "Stars"
I found these wonderful silver beads in my local craft store and just fell in love with the idea of using them in my wreath. I used my handy dandy hot glue gun to attach them to the blue fabric.
I added a bead every few inches in different areas all over the blue fabric. If you're going to add your own stars, make sure your beads are large enough so that they're visible inside the fabric folds.
And here it is! I've already received a bunch of compliments from my neighbors, and the best part? When I'm ready for a new wreath, all I have to do is pull the bandanas out!
Suggested materials:
  • Red Bandanas
  • White Bandanas
  • Wire wreath
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  • Janet Janet on Jun 19, 2016
    Just a thought. You could have blue bandanas or blue with white dots. Janet M

  • Jay Jay on Jun 19, 2016
    How many total bandanas did you use & what length of tulle please?

  • Bwarner50 Bwarner50 on Jun 19, 2016
    What a quick, smart way to make a patriotic wreath! I did one using red, white, and blue felt squares and adhesive stars on the blue squares. Your idea is much faster, although not inexpensive - where did you get the beads?

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  • Bj Rutledge Bj Rutledge on Jul 20, 2016
    I remember when I was growing up we would make a wire coathanger into the shape of a circle then cut up drycleaner bags into 10 inch strips and tie as many as we could around the circle. When we got done it was full, we would spray fake snow on it and glue little ornaments on them...

  • Kelly Kelly on Sep 17, 2017
    Really pretty! I love those beads. How easy yet attractive. Could even get more "correct" for lack of better word and use 13 red and white bandanas like an actual flag (7 red and 6 white).