Make a July 4th Garland...Using Dollar Store Cookie Cutters!

Shawna Bailey
by Shawna Bailey
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20 Minutes
I'm always on the hunt for great July 4th decorations that are also cheap and easy. We go all out every year, inviting tons of guests and covering everything in our nation's colors. So, you can imagine that when I found this easy yarn and cookie cutter garland while searching for July 4th ideas, I was thrilled! This Dollar Store decoration is a great way to add some patriotic fun to any wall or mantel.
Step 1: Gather Your Supplies
I found these star shaped cookie cutters at the Dollar Store and couldn't believe my luck. The came in a few different sizes, which is exactly what I wanted! The navy tulle I used had a nice shine to it, and the yarn was leftover from a LED rope light rug I made.

Step 2: Cut Your Yarn
I cut my yarn into 10 inch pieces. You can really use whatever length you want, but I didn't want my cookie cutter stars spaced too far away from each other.
I continued cutting until I had a pile of striped 10 inch strings. You'll want the same number of yarn pieces as cookie cutters.

Step 3: String Your Cookie Cutters Together
I slid one piece of yarn through one cookie cutter, and tied it around the top into a loop with a square knot.
The square knot keeps the loop from opening up, so that your star stays in place. Then, I tied string to the rest of the cookie cutters in the same way, creating a pile of cookie cutter and yarn loops.

Step 4: Tie Loops onto One Long String
I cut a piece of string about two feet longer than the wall I was hanging it on, then slipped it through each of my cookie cutter loops. I tied the longer string around each loop as I went to keep them from sliding.
I used a simple knot to tie them in place, and chose to tie the simple knot behind the square knot.

Step 5: Cut Your Tulle
I cut my tulle into 2 inch wide strips. The length doesn't matter much, as long as each piece is long enough to tie it in a small bow at the top of each loop.
To make it a little less opaque, I folded each of my tulle strips in half so that they were doubled up.

Step 6: Add Your Tulle
I hung up my garland before putting on my tulle because I found it was much easier to tie the tulle pieces on when the garland was already hanging. You may notice that some of the stars aren't facing front wards - we are about to fix that.
I tied the tulle around the base of the square knot on each loop. You don't need anything fancy for the tulle ties - a simple knot will do just fine.
Now to make those stars face forward. As you tie your tulle, secure your loop strings so that they are stacked one on top of the other. This may require a bit of fidgeting, but if you have the loop strings pressed like this, back to back, the tulle will keep the stars facing straight forward.
I tied the tulle right over the knots to hide them a bit, and then fluffed the tulle a little so it looked nice and voluminous.
Once all your tulle is tied your garland is done and ready to impress! You can keep it right where it is or move it outside for a BBQ under the fireworks.
I hope you love your Dollar Store decor and that your Fourth is full of fun!!
Suggested materials:
  • Star Cookie Cutters   (Dollar Store)
  • Red and White Fabric Yarn   (Leftover)
  • Blue Tulle   (Fabric Store)
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  • Sharon Laird Sharon Laird on Feb 23, 2017
    Great idea

  • Lori Ward-Laatsch Lori Ward-Laatsch on Mar 02, 2021

    I've never seen cookie cutters in dollar store. Where they a one time thing? Where they in the kitchen section? I have the cutest mini cooper cookie cutter light strings for Christmas with gingerbread men and stars. I found them at Fred Meyers (Kroger) after Christmas and got them for about $4 a string. I use them with a couple open shelves I have in my kitchen. This would be great there too. Thanks for sharing. ♥️💙🤍