Last Minute Holiday Decorations.

Nena Regalado
by Nena Regalado
5 Materials
1 Hour
Table top tree,wire baskets,pinecones,Dollar Store pumpkins,gourds,silk flowers. You need a last minute decoration,I can help.
i used a wire basket,small Christmas tree,Dollar store pumpkins and gourds,silk flowers.
using wire snips cut silk flowers,make sure to leave a stem about 3"-4" long, wrap around tree. cutting a long stem will help stabilize silk flower.
Wrap stem around tree branches.
cover complete tree with as many silk flowers as you like.
Place your finished tree in the wire basket.
Start layering. I placed my pine cones first. Pumpkins and gourds next. In between I placed pine cones. Layer up to the top. Do what and how you think it's pretty to you and use what you have on hand. These are left over items I had from other decoration.
Turn it around and remov,fill in where you feel tree needs it.
Checking all sides
Turning and moving items how I want
Done! This will be seen from all sides so it can be placed in your living room on end table or sofa table etc.
Here is my turkey placed in an old coke container filled with pine cones,acorns,raffia straw,deer antlers,dollar store silk maple leaves and shredded corn husk(back right corner)
Final fall/Thanksgiving decorations.
sitting in my living room,on my sofa table(dresser)
Suggested materials:
  • Small table top Christmas tree   (On sale at Kmart)
  • Wire basket,coke cola box,plant container.   (Garage sale)
  • Plastic pumpkins,gourds,silk floral   (Family General)
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