Make Easy / Fun Witches' Hats With Kids!

by Meemsicle
2 Materials
1 Hour
My niece and nephew were over for the day and wanted to make Halloween decorations. What to do? I had some cardboard and empty toilet paper rolls, so we made witches' hats! It was super easy and fun!
First things first! Take box or toilet paper roll and cut to size you need.
Then roll it into a cone shape and glue into place (I used a hot glue gun).
Cut the bottom so that it sits evenly.
Then measure the base on your piece of cardboard.
Then glue the cone to the base.
You can paint the hat or let the kids paint the hat with regular craft paint. I decided to spray paint mine.
Cut the base to make it round. We did the same thing with toilet paper rolls to make the little hats. You can choose to add more to them or leave them as is, which is what we did!
Here is the big hat and little hats we made! I think they are great and perfect Halloween decor, and we had fun!
Suggested materials:
  • Cardboard   (Had it)
  • Toilet Paper rolls   (Had it)
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