Making a Poppy Troll Easter Basket

by Vickiventura
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For those of you who don't know who Poppy Troll is, you really should watch Trolls, it is a wonderful animated movie. And, I just happen to have a Trolls fanatic in my 4 year old grand daughter. Her favorite character is Poppy and why not, she has hot pink troll hair with flowers in it and she is a fierce female leader in the movie. My daughter in law thought that a Poppy inspired Easter Basket would be a big hit. Since they live many states away, but come to my house for Easter, I was ready for the challenge. After doing some internet research, there were many options, but you would be surprised that finding pink fake hair is not that easy. I did find one design that used netting instead and that was what I went with.
The color is perfect and it has some sparkles
I found this fabulous craft netting at Walmart. It is 20 inches wide and has wires running through it on the edges. It is very stiff, so getting it to stand up is not that hard. It was perfect for my main netting to make Poppy's hair.
I happened to have a very large basket at home already. I just cleaned it up a bit and it was ready for me to start the transformation. I had seen designs using round baskets, but the fact that this one was oval really didn't matter. It is important to have a handle, as that is where we attach the "hair".
So, I used hot glue and a clamp and started wrapping the handle. I only hot glued where the handle was attached to the basket.
The clamps helped the hot glue adhere to the handle and the netting.
I made sure to leave a long "tail" with the hot pink netting. It will help with the hair standing up.
I also bought 2 other spools of netting ribbon. One was a pale pink and I wrapped the handle, then cut the ribbon leaving a "tail", this will help make the hair have different coloring.
This other ribbon had some sparkle to it and was also pink. I repeated this with each of the smaller spools until I was happy.
Here is a close up of the handle, it is completely covered with the netting materials.
Next, I pulled up the wide hot pink netting straight up and around the other ribbons keeping them going up, kind of like sausage casing. You know how troll hair looks, right? So, I added more of the hot pink ribbon keeping it wrapped on the outside and using hot glue and straight pins to attach it. I also balled up some of the lighter pink ribbon and put it inside to fill up my "sausage".
Using some blue ribbon, I tied off the top of the "hair" and kept filling my "sausage" with more and more netting from all three spools until I was happy with the fullness. I also cup up and kind of frayed the ends of the netting on top.
I happened to have bought some flower barrettes for my grand daughter, but these worked perfect for Poppy's hair do. I did take a bit of creative license here, Poppy wears a headband with flowers on it and the flowers are all blue, but I didn't think it mattered.
I also wrapped some of the blue ribbon around the basket itself and filled the inside of the basket with the rest of the pale pink ribbon. I think it turned out really cute. I think my grand daughter will know that it is a Poppy Troll Easter Basket.
Suggested materials:
  • Ribbon and netting   (Walmart)
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