Memorial Day Clothespin Wreath

by Ariel
5 Materials
15 Minutes
Today, I have a fun and cute little project just in time for Memorial Day. This project is simple and doesn’t take much time to make! Also, this a great project to do with kids :D
First, gather your materials. You’re going to need a 12 in wire wreath form, felt stars, red, white, and blue paint, and clothespins. Stock up on a good amount of the clothespins, I used around 100 for mine!
Next, simply being painting your clothespins in their respective colors. You don’t have to wear gloves for this, but if you want to eliminate the amount of paint you get on your hands, feel free to put those gloves on.

Let all the clothespins you gathered dry for a bit, I let mine sit for only 10 minutes. You won’t be waiting long!
Now, all you have to do is start attaching on the clothespins. I put 4 clothespins on at a time, so I put 4 red then 4 white almost all the way till I got to a small section. Then I filled that section up all with blue clothespins.

See, simple and quick! You’re almost done, now all you have to do is put on that stars to our flag! I got the assorted pack of felt star stickers, and they all come in red, white, and blue.

You have the cutest Memorial Day Wreath on the block :D
Suggested materials:
  • Clothespins   (Michael's Arts and Crafts)
  • Craft Smart Acrylic Paint   (Michael's Arts and Crafts)
  • Felt Star Stickers   (Michael's Arts and Crafts)
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  • Sue Sue on Jun 26, 2022

    Thank you for sharing. I'll be making these with 2 of my grandchildren (4 &6) tomorrow! I know they'll love making them!

  • Mcgypsy9 Mcgypsy9 on Jul 01, 2022

    I love these wreaths! Just a tip: throw your clothes pins in a plastic ziplock bag add paint, close the zip and mush your paint onto the clothespins. So much quicker than doing them by hand! OH don’t forget to wear gloves when removing them to dry!