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When asked what is my New Year’s resolution I always (cringe) because I actually dislike the whole Idea, but one has to start somewhere why not the first of the year…initially I had already decided that eating better-not so much about losing weight or dieting, but eating healthy. My resolution is to eat no un natural sugars, less saturated fat, trans fat, free sugars and salt, Eat more vegetables and fruit. I’ve discovered that more than fifty percent (50%) of adults and around more than children (ages 4 to 8 years old) do not consume five (5) servings of vegetables, and fruit each day. This resolution will force me to fill half of my plate with vegetables, and fruit at all meals and snacks. My next resolution is to exercise more-I already run several miles a day, lift weights, and I always have told myself every little bit counts. Any amount of movement. This is not a try to get fit for 2018, but to eat better exercise, because I have discovered that the more that I exercise and eat right leaving out sugars, there’s such a big difference in my mental capacity along with not feeling stuffed when I put on that favorite garment. just so that I can feel better. .
ok I always start off with my trusty glue gun.
I purchased this wire reef from Walmart.
I bought this green toy dog ask my mascot.
this black strip of felt is used as the weight belt, and lying beside it is two empty spool used in the sewing machine. These spools are used for weights I paint them.
This fruit I purchased from the dollar store.
spool of green was on sale because Christmas is over.
grey and black nail polish is used to paint the spool and the straw for my weights.
This is the end result of my resolution, my fruits and veggies and me with my weights headband and weight belt. This is how Ill eat until spring.
Suggested materials:
  • Glue   (walmart)
  • Two empty spools for thread   (already on hand/ joanns)
  • Nail polish already on hand   (already on hand/ dollar store)
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