Palm Sunday And Preparing for Easter Decor

For over ten years, I have visited a homebound community every Sunday morning on a volunteer basis. Today, Palm Sunday, proved to be an exception as I am home with a terrible cold that I want to keep all to myself and share with no one else! There are a couple of other people that assist me in this mission. The folks I visit are very diverse and two of them, Mada and Vincent, can be seen below.
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Both of these homebound residents came to my mind today as I recalled an incident from a Palm Sunday in bygone years:

On that particular Sunday we had no hosts (Holy Communion) and we could only offer (the residents) palms. The reason for this was that there were throngs of people at the mass (where the hosts are picked up prior to coming to The Home) and the priest ran out of hosts.The residents at The Home were good natured about their loss, and not surprised that there were not enough hosts to go around, for it is common knowledge that throngs of people do show up at mass on Palm Sunday; as well as Ash Wednesday: The 'A & P' Catholics. "But I bet the church did not run out of offertory envelopes," a male resident (Vincent) quipped, and Mada laughed heartily . . .

So what does my Palm Sunday story have to do with folks in the HT community who come to this venue to share and or read how to do "stuff" related to one's home?

The answer is this: Anyone who does receive palms on this holiday might be interested to know that palms can be folded in the shape of a cross (as seen below) to place in your home.
A friend made this cross from palms.
I am not handy when it comes to creating a thing by folding other things — in other words, I'm no origami artist —  but I know that many HT readers are handy-types and can probably figure out (from the photo above) how to create this cross by folding palms.

My friend has been making them since he was a child and the process is rote for him, but in the event that you are interested in a "how to," I google the info and found this:

"To make a cross from a palm leaf; from the top of the palm, fold a good part towards the bottom which will be the main length of the final product and determine which side you want as front or back. Secondly, holding the longer side of the palm, create a right angle at the back side of the leaf then bend the palm about five centimetres to make your left side of the cross and fold this to the front side of the palm, folding equal size on the other side. Finally, bring the folded tip to the front by making a diagonal cross, tucking in the loose end at the back." (Source @

What I am good at is creating story-lines, which I will do when I share photo-ops of the antics of the whimsical characters who are here for the Easter season, which officially begins this coming Sunday and lasts for fifty days. Please stay tuned, for as you can surmise from the sneak preview photos-ops below, they will have interesting things to share.
Mr. Moon-InThe-Man (L) Welcomes a Co Host!
Mr. Moon-In-The-Man is no stranger to the HT community. He was introduced this past fall, when he came to my succulent garden to host events for holidays, including Halloween, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, Chinese New Year of the Horse, and Valentine's Day.

He did not weigh in on Saint Patricks Day, but some eggs drinking irish Coffee (they can be seen in the image below) made their voices heard on HT as well as tumblr!*

All of posts related to these holidays can be found within TLLG's HT pages, and more in depth content is within TLLG's Blogger and tumblr pages. More images can be found within TLLG's Pinterest Boards.
*See 5 eggs on tumblr
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Libby Yuewhoo Libby Yuewhoo on Apr 14, 2014
    When making the palm crosses, it helps if the palm fronds have soaked in water overnight to make them more pliable. My church hands out the palm crosses, they are nice to tuck in your bible or prayer book.

    • TheLastLeafGardener TheLastLeafGardener on Apr 14, 2014
      @Libby Yuewhoo As I've said, I am not handy when it comes to making objects but I appreciate your suggestion and will pass it along to folks who are a bit more competent in making items by hand! I like to hang mine above my bed and I sent one to my mother with an Easter package. I also hope to get one to a young man in my parish (one of our altar servers) who is gravely ill. He has Guillain–Barré syndrome. Wising you a blessed Holy Week.