Patriot Metal Tray Flag With Unicorn Spit

Maude  LaFountain
by Maude LaFountain
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2 Hours
My great granddaughters and I found this metal tray in my stash and the oldest who is 6 said Nanny that would make a good flag . So here we go Flagging it ...We are ready for ....The Fourth Of July !!!!
We started out by me cleaning the tray really good already had a white coating on it so we just left it like that
Then I got a pencil and drew some lines on it for the stripes ...the girls picked out the picture they wanted to help do the flag here are my lines not to straight but they are there ....
Well they Spit the lines... not to straight I might add but they are only 4 & 6 yrs old so pretty good job ..this is just the red lines and the blue for the star background
Next came the white Spit lines ... looking a littler better here of course Nanny had to help straighten out the lines the best she could ...oops there is a little bit of Spit on the edges ...not a problem Nanny will take care of it ,...that was what the 6 yr old told the 4 yr old ...yep Nanny takes care of it ....They really enjoy Spitting on things as much as their Nanny does ....And they like the way it smells do I ...
Next we put on our 13 stars that I cut out in Vinyl with my Vinyl Cutting Machine.....after I put the starts on and proceeded to pull off the clear tape the Spit had some of it coming off with the tape not a problem I said it looks good that way girls ....They agreed it looks OLD they said
Next I cleaned up the edges and gave it a couple coats of Poly ...
Here are the 2 proud little girls that helped with their first big SPITTING project ...Look at those Happy Faces aren't they just to cute with their masterpiece ......I asked them if they wanted to put a ribbon on it to hang it and they said NAWWW we like it just leaning up I said Ok that's what we will do with it just lean it ...
Suggested materials:
  • Unicorn Spit Gel Stain   (WWW,UNICORNSPIT.COM)
  • Metal Tray / Vinyl Stars / and Clear Spray Poly   (Metal free in my stash , Vinyl Stars free from my stash of Vinyl's clear Poly also what)
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