Pinecone Spider Halloween Craft

5 Minutes
This simple Pine Pinecone Craft was such a hit in our house when we made them last year that I just can't wait to make them all over again this year. I two toddler boys ages 2 and 3. I thought what better way to get them enjoying our weekly craft sessions than to create creepy, crawly Halloween spiders! Of course I did a lot of the work because there are a few steps far too difficult for them. This craft can be enjoyed by children and adults, no age restriction ;)
I made a family of four spiders each representing a family member in our family. I made what I like to call our Halloween Spider Family Wreath which you can see RIGHT HERE and I have to say, it's so fun to look at and the kids love looking at spider versions of themselves and mummy and daddy also.

One of the most fun parts about this craft if you can head out with your kids or grandchildren and collect pinecones to make this craft. The steps to make this spider are easy. Here are the materials you will need:


Small and Medium Pinecones (as many as you wish to make)

Black Chalk Paint or Acrylic Paint (You can use Spray Paint if making them yourself or with kids that are much older)

Paint Brush

Black Pipe Cleaners

Small and Medium Sized Fluffy Balls/pom poms (you can get these from your local craft store)

Small Craft Eyes

Hot Glue Gun

First step is to make sure your pinecones are clean and ready to paint.

Give you’re pinecones a good coat or two of paint with either chalk board paint or black acrylic paint. I wanted mine with a matte finish so I chose to use chalk paint. If you're not craft with small children or you're making a large amount, I would suggest to spray paint the pinecones instead, this is much faster. Set painted pinecones aside and allow them to fully dry.

*A little tip: Place wet pinecones on baking paper so they don’t stick on the surface you put them to dry on.
Cut the pipe cleaners to your desired length and cut the legs for your spiders.

Now you can assemble your spider/s.

Hot glue on the spider's head (black pom poms) then give the spider some character by hot gluing on its eyes.

Finish by hot gluing on the spider's legs and bending the pipe cleaners downwards to give the legs a natural look. And you're done! Now you can go ahead and make as many of these little cuties as you wish! Make an entire army if you will!

To see the finished spiders and step by step tutorial with photos CLICK HERE
*** Note: I am writing this little note first as I am getting pulled up on the fact these spiders are 6 legged and not eight. I don't mind these comments I just thought I would let you all know that I do know spiders have 8 legs and if you take the time to read my blog post I do say why I only gave it 6 legs. I will write it here also. I was running out of time and my toddler son woke from his nap. I didn't do the project with him at the time when I was gluing the legs on and he is too young to be around a hot glue gun. I also figured it's for Halloween so considering all the funny creatures, witches, ghosts etc getting around I figured 6 legged spiders wouldn't be an issue. Thanks for liking and enjoying my craft guys. I appreciate it so much! :)
Maria @ Pastels And Macarons
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