Asked on Oct 09, 2018

The best material to use when making a hanging ghoul?

by Aurg

I have a skull and hands and I want to make a hanging ghoul that would with stand the weather

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  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Oct 09, 2018

    Hi, Old white sheet !

  • Pamela Pamela on Oct 09, 2018

    The dollar store has scary cloth for draping across a table. It is an open weave , almost like gauze , with random holes in it . They have it gray , black and white. I bought some to make ghosts , using dollar store skulls and the cloth. I hope to get time to make them this week ! Good luck with yours.

  • Edie Edie on Oct 09, 2018

    If you want it to for years...go with polyester or nylon. Cleans easy, drys quickly if rain, pick fabric with a little weight if wind an issue.

    Fabric store for poly lining material, big box store or discount store for dark drapes or discounted poly tablecloth. Boo!

  • Mogie Mogie on Oct 09, 2018

    Old white sheet. Easy to wash and reuse. Everyone usually has at least one they can afford to get rid of.

  • Char Aaron Char Aaron on Oct 10, 2018

    Have you thought of fishing line?this is the time of year i borrow from Ron s fishing poles.  his therapy is coming along!🎃take care

  • Vic4844603 Vic4844603 on Oct 11, 2018

    You could use cheese cloth and a clothes hanger