Asked on Oct 17, 2018

How to make a trash bag spider web?

Silas Silas
by Silas Silas
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  • Pamela Pamela on Oct 17, 2018

    Hi ! Not sure how to do the trash bag spiderweb , I think you would fold it and cut it , but I know how to make them with black yarn. I never see anybody do it this way. My husband and I threw out first Halloween party back in the 70's , before they had the cheap white stretchable webbing . This is what I did , ( I used black yarn because my walls and house were white and I wanted them to stand out , but you can use any color. First cut 5 or 6 pieces of yarn ( to the size you want your web , I would start with about 2 1/2 ft, at first ) knot them together in the middle. Now tape each strand to the wall , keeping it taunt. * this is easiest to do opposite strands. Once the base of the web is up , it's time to weave the web part. Take your yarn and start winding it around your fingers ,at first , then take it off your fingers and wrap in the other direction, you really want to make a "ball" about a little larger than a ping pong ball , once you have that size, cut it from the big yarn. Now starting in the center of your web about a half inch from the middle, pick any string and using the ball of yarn you just made , tie a knot, just a single, like she first part of tying a bow, then go to the next string and keep on going around the web , when you get to the end double knot it ., remember, it doesn't have to be even.

    NOTES: you can adjust the web once it's done. If you run out of yarn just double knot it, and make a new ball of yarn and continue where you left off. They look great when you put some threads on the wall and some on the ceiling, or in a corner, gives it dimension !

  • Zest it Up Zest it Up on Oct 19, 2018

    We made spider web placemats out of trash bags for some Halloween decor! You can make it larger by using a hula hoop to trace a circle on the trash bag instead of a cake stand!