Recycle and Reuse Small Pallets

Karen Y
by Karen Y
I've taken broken pieces of pallets that I find laying around on the floor at work, painted them and mounted them to yet another "small" pallet to form my flag. I've also taken another small pallet and painted it white, added a few handmade decorations and screwed a broken pallet strip under the top side to hold my flowers that are in the top of the fence.
Finished product! All American corner in my back yard.
Broken pallet pieces spray painted.
I had to cut some pieces off when I got all of the strips together to make them even on the right hand side of the flag. These pieces will be where the stars will go.
I screwed all of the pieces to a small skid and made a stencil from a piece of plastic and added my stars.
This is a good sized small palled (maybe half a pallet) painted white.
Small pallet pieces painted and attached to fence.
Another pallet piece painted and attached to fence.
I screwed a pallet strip on the underside of the fence to hold my flowers/plants.
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