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I had so much fun creating this adorable recycle witch from an empty Downy In-Wash Scent bottle. The bottle has such a cool shape for a witch. And it's a great project to make with kids. But the best part is you can make it with stuff you already have around the house or in your stash!
First, remove the top and cover of the bottle. Then take several plastic grocery bags and squeeze them together making a ball. Insert the ball into another bag, twisting lengthwise into a tail. Wrap tail end with masking tape. Put pebbles inside bottle for weight and insert tail of bags into neck opening.
Mix glue with a bit of water and saturate strips of paper towels and glue on bottle. Continue gluing on several layers of paper towels until bottle and head are completely covered. Allow to dry completely.
To make the nose, take several pieces of toilet paper and saturate with glue. Shape into a nose, adding curvature to the tip. Press nose onto face, gluing in place. Using the same method for the nose, make a chin and glue on just below the nose. Shape mouth by indenting between nose and chin.
Paint head and face and body.
To make hair, wrap yarn around cardboard several times. Tie together at one end and cut opposite end.
Glue yarn on top of head for hair. Have fun adding eyes, brows and lip color.
The easiest way to make the witch's hat was to draw a semi circle on poster board . (2) Cut out and form a cone shape, gluing sides. (3) Use a round object to draw a circle pattern for the hat brim. (4) Use the base of the cone to draw another circle in center. (5) Cut out center circle. (6) Place brim over cone and push down toward base. Make slits at base around cone. (7) Fold slits over hat brim and glue in place. (8) Make patterns of brim and cone from scraps of felt to cover hat. (9) Glue on felt and let dry.
To make arms, brush glue mixture on paper towels and roll into tubes. Insert wire into tubes and cut off excess at ends. Fold over one end on each and paint arms, let dry and glue on a bottle top sides. Make hands by taking a strip of toilet paper, brushing on glue at one end and rolling into tiny strips. Add glue to another strip and press together to form a round flat surface. Cut the strips into 10 small fingers and glue onto round surface.
And of course, no witch is complete without her broom and cape - made out of raffia for the broom and burlap for the cape!
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  • Brenda Hill Brenda Hill on Oct 06, 2016
    I wonder if you could use the same method for making pilgrims for thanksgiving?

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