Rose Valentine's Day Coffee Filter Tree

Brooke Bock
by Brooke Bock
I am a huge fan of coffee filters as a crafting medium. They are cheap, readily available and super versatile. I used them to make fun Valentine decor. Who can't use a shot of pink this time of year?
I dye my filters in a gallon ice cream bucket. It is round and just the right size. For this project, I used RIT Fuchsia dye and instant coffee crystals to create the muted rose colors.
I am just going to give you a brief overview here. For more details, head over to the blog post to get more information.
I mix my dye and coffee crystals with the water in the ice cream bucket and let it soak at least 30 minutes. I remove the filters and let them drain over an upside down plastic container in my utility sink. Then I hang them to dry on a drying rack over night. Once dry, I fold each filter into fourths and twist the tip to hold. Then I just hot glue each filter to a cardboard cone from the craft store. I start at the bottom and work my around the cone and then up.
It makes a fun Winter decoration. You can use it in a vignette that says "Be Mine" or use it in a fun twist for Christmas. I love a piece of home decor that does double duty...
Brooke Bock
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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