Paint a Creepy Castle

Add a hint of glitter to your dark colors, to create a spooky space that would scare anyone. Get tutorial here

Make a Spooky Edgar Allen Crow

Use the famous symbol of the eerie poet, and finish off with a few lines lifted from his work. Get tutorial here

Try a Ghoulish Grinning Pumpkin

It’ll be tough to sit your guests against a cackling pumpkin, but it’s the season to spook.

Mix in a Little Chic with Studded Gourds

If you want you pillows to sit out well past Halloween, try this chic studded look. Get tutorial here

Create a Spooked Cat in the Night

Add layered ribbon to a cat stencil, to turn your pillow into an all out horror movie scene. Get tutorial here

Get Wild With Stripes

Tap into your inner Beetlejuice and use those stark stripes to really make your pillows pop. Get tutorial here

Bring a Glow-in-the-Dark Monster to Life

Surround your painted design in glow-in-the-dark paint, to add a hidden creepy to your cozy. Get tutorial here

Bleach a Scary Skull

Instead of using paint, stencil a scary spotted skull to your pillow using a sponge and some bleach.

Crank up the Creepy with a Cutesy Skull

Nothing says spooky like a bright green skull sporting a pretty little hair bow. Eek! Get tutorial here

Paint a 3D Pumpkin That Jumps off the Pillow

Use your highlighting skills and create a pumpkin design that looks like it’s the real thing! Get tutorial here

Make a Color-Pop Palace

Mix and match bright hues, to make your Halloween decor pop and really catch some stares. Get tutorial here

Get a Rustic Twist with Braided Trim

Add a trim that matches your home style to seamlessly blend your new cozy piece. Get tutorial here

Add a Tasseled Crow Design

Neat cascading tassels always look chic, but to get spooky, add some overstuffed chaos. Get tutorial here

Design a Subtle Textured Pumpkin

Make your pumpkin decoration look like much more than plain paint, with a textured technique. Get tutorial here