Bend ice cream cones into yummy cornucopias

Your kids are going to love making this Thanksgiving treat. Get tutorial here

Trace your hands into turkey feathers

This cute turkey craft is sure to keep them occupied while you’re cooking in the kitchen. Get tutorial here

Cut paper into a feathered headdress

They’ll have so much fun playing with it once it’s done. Get tutorial here

Or plastic cups into pilgrim hats

If you make both they can choose to be pilgrims or Indians. Get tutorial here

Cut out paper leaves into a thankful wreath

You can hang it up and display their handy artwork for the rest of fall. Get tutorial here

Paint mini mason jar turkeys

This cute little project looks like so much fun to do. Get tutorial here

Give them a fall-themed checkers game

Have this at the kid’s table and they’ll never leave. Get tutorial here

Glue on fabric to make turkey shirts

They’ll come to the table all ready for Thanksgiving. Get tutorial here

Use cupcake holders to make turkeys

If there aren’t enough turkey projects out there, here’s another great one. Get tutorial here

Stamp their hands with paint on a runner

It will give them a project for the day, and you’ll be able to use this year after year. Get tutorial here