Shabby Chic Romantic Valentine's Day Wall Decor

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Today I'm going to share with you a simple way to decorate the Valentine's Day with Shabby Chic romantic Pink Wall hanging.

This wall hanging is inspired from Bella Cottage with my spin added to it.

This wall hanging can be used even for Spring decor as well. icon

First of all, I started with 11 X 14 stretched canvas(largest) from Crafter's Square section of Dollar Tree.

I drew 1 inch border around the canvas and painted that with Cermacoat Think Pink shade, which is available in Michael's Plaid Paint section. As shown in the picture I drew scallops in the inner 4 corners of the canvas and filled up with the same paint.

Next, I filled up the inner part of the canvas by painting with Ceramcoat bright yellow paint with flat brush. I gave 2 coats to get the right color.

This is how it looks after pink and yellow paint is on it. Then, I took the jute twine and using hot glue I attached the inner border as shown here. I tried to give inner frame to separate the 2 colors.

I took one of the used clean apple sauce container and ran heated knife in the center and cut opened into 2 pieces.

Then, I glued the jute twine around the cut apple sauce container using hot glue as shown.

I attched the the jute twined the container on to the yellow part of the canvas using hot glue as shown. At this point it looks like a hanging basket. icon

Next, I attached pink hydrangeas on the borders and pink roses with leaves in the jute twined basket as shown.

I filled in one lavendar rose bud in the center of the basket, stuck blue flowers around the basket and greenery appropriately. All these flowers are from Dollar Tree flower section. I took one of the pastel sky blue lace ribbon from Michael's ribbon section and I made a simple 2 winged hand bow.

This is how the bow looks after it is done! And last but not the least, I attached the bow on the top of the flower basket.

This is how it looks after it is completed with all floral decoration and bow stuck to it.

I love the end result and think it's perfect for a Romantic Valentine Decor! Check out all of this and more on my YouTube channel,

Here is the link for the full tutorial! icon

Suggested materials:
  • 11 X 14 Canvas   (Dollar Tree)
  • Cermacoat Think Pink, bright yellow paint   (Michael's)
  • Pastel Sky Blue Lace Ribbon   (Michael's)
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