Shirley Bovshow's DIY Monster Plants for Halloween!

by EdenMaker
3 Materials
45 Minutes

Shirley Bovshow's easy-to-make, Halloween DIY "monster plants" are made with easy to carve, faux pumpkins, foraged materials from your yard, and basic crafting materials!

Shirley Bovshow, Cristina Ferrare, and Mark Steines create "Man Eating Plants" for Halloween on the Home & Family show on the Hallmark channel.

The 7-foot-tall, "man-eating monster plant" is made using a tree branch foraged from the yard and leaves removed from a faux flower stem. The faux leaves are attached to floral wire and glued to the stem.

Shirley Bovshow poses with her scary plant!

Gather these materials to make your "Man-Eating Monster Plants," designed by prop master, Dave Lowe.

1. Tree branch (as large as you want to make your plant)

2. Urn or plant container; drain holes are not important since you won't be watering!

3. Spray insulation foam

4. Spray paint - we used green

5.Glue gun and spray glue

6. Silk or faux leaves

7. Moss

8. Halloween decor materials for your display: bones, skeletons, spiders, small pumpkins and gourds.

Please visit Shirley Bovshow's EdenMakers Blog for detailed information, video, and behind the scenes photos!

Happy Halloween.

Decorate your yard with monster plants!

Suggested materials:
  • Insulation foam   (amazon)
  • Faux pumpkins   (amazon)
  • Spaghnum moss   (amazon)
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