Simple Pumpkin Wreath

by Dorinda
5 Materials
1 Hour
Here is a simple pumpkin wreath that even a child can make, but please make sure to use Elmer's glue instead of a hot glue gun like I used. The time will be different if you use Elmer's glue, as it takes a longer time to dry. Since I purchased everything but the hot glue gun and glue at yard/tag/garage sales, it was a really inexpensive wreath to make.
I started off with this wreath I purchased at a yard/tag/garage sale.   I hot glued one end each of 1/8 inch orange and black ribbons to the front of the wreath, then set the ribbon spools to the side while I glued the pumpkin over top of the ribbon.  The pumpkin is on a child's necklace, which also came with a bracelet and clip on earrings that I purchased for 25 cents at a yard/tag/garage sale. 
Before I put the ribbon the side, I twisted it so it wouldn't be as much trouble to do when I put it on the wreath.
Next thing I did was to hot glue the bats in place, then hot glued the chain part of the necklace to the front side of the wreath.
Then I started wrapping the ribbons around the wreath, and when I got to the bottom, I hot glued the ends to the back of the wreath.
Taking one earring per side, I hot glued them to the ends of the necklace.
Now take the bracelet, and hot glue the pumpkin to the wreath at the top.
I didn't trust the hot glue, so I took a piece of the orange ribbon and looped it around the pumpkin.
Then I tied it at the back. 
Here is the finished wreath...simple, yet would look cute for your Halloween decoration.
Suggested materials:
  • Spool 1/8 inch orange ribbon   (sale)
  • Spool 1/8 inch black ribbon   (sale)
  • Wreath   (sale)
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