Somthing to Put You in a Boo Mood

Angie Waldner
by Angie Waldner
3 Materials
10 Minutes
This is just a quick and easy Goodwill/Dollar Tree Halloween decor project, enjoy! I made this to display on our front porch!
I got my plastic pumpkin and little broom decoration at Good Will. The first thing I did was I put some little rocks in a plastic bag and put that in side of the pumpkin. I then added some little branch pieces on top .I have this pumpkin on the front porch .I thought the rocks and wood would help it not blow over in the wind and rain . Now it's time to fill the pumpkin!
The silk flowers and salad forks, or bone arms and hands, came from Dollar Tree I got ready to fill up the pumpkin with all of the things I purchased.
Ok all filled as you see, I hot glued some eye balls to the flowers .I took a picture looking down on the decoration, So you could see the eye balls. And that's it! It was a pretty simple project to assemble and now we have some spooky decor on our front porch!
Boo to you.
Suggested materials:
  • Plastic pumpkin   (Good Will)
  • Silk flowers and bone arm salad forks   (Dollar Tree)
  • Plastic eye balls and broom decoration.   (Good Will)
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