Spring Shutter Bunny

by Beth
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Some of you Hometalkers may recall my Winter Holiday posting. If not, I had several old shutters that were replaced by new ones on our house. I did not want to toss them so I repurposed one of them into a porch decoration.
This is a picture of the shutter and the full posting can be found at:
I still have 2 shutters left. Now that it is Spring, I am back into crafting.
I started on another shutter.
I used a primer/paint combo to paint the old shutter white.
Bunny ears are developing!
Cut out some bunny ears and tape to top part of boards. You can get the ears by using searching "coloring sheet" on the internet. Search "bunny ears." Tape the ears down so they will leave a white outline when the template is removed. Spray paint the top part of the shutter with a spring color.
Paint the inside of the ears pink. Add some googly eyes. Outline a triangle for the nose and paint it pink.
I used painter's tape to protect the boards as I painted the mouth below the nose. It is basically a black line curved to each side at the end. I also painted some whiskers onto the mouth area.
Spray painted a board to be the hat brim.
I screwed this onto the shutter and put some decorative felt flowers to cover the screw holes. This is the hat brim.
Hat brim with decorative flowers.
My shutter bunny!
Suggested materials:
  • Old shutter, bunny ear templates, board,
  • Paint and decorative flowers
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  • Beth Beth on Mar 28, 2017
    Thanks Nicolette. I try!

  • Patti Patti on Mar 08, 2020

    That bunny shutter is adorable! We have a few that were going to the fire pit. Am saving one to try this. Thanks for your great idea!d