Table for 2 in Red, White, and Blue!

by Kelly-n-Tony
5 Materials
2 Hours
It's always fun to create something new out of something old and with that in mind I came up with this patriotic table to nestle between 2 blue chairs in a shady corner of the yard. I had everything except the red spray paint so my total cost was under $4.

Starting with an old cedar tub planter I painted it with leftover outdoor white paint. I found it easy to do with a narrow roller and a paintbrush.
After the white paint has dried use masking tape and paper (newspaper, wrapping paper, etc) to cover the areas you want to remain white. I wanted red and white panels all around.
I also wanted some stars on it. I laid masking tape down, overlapping the pieces then used a marker to create stars. Draw them as perfectly or imperfectly as you want- they will look great either way!
Cut your masking tape stars out and press them onto the painted wood.
Now you're ready to spray paint and it's looking a little like Christmas in July here!
I elevated my project on a slightly taller bucket so it was up a few inches for easier painting at the bottom. With a slow up and down and back and forth motion spray paint the exposed areas and let it dry.
Unwrap and see what you've got!
Here it is nestled between 2 blue chairs under a shady tree with some patriotic decorations-- a mason jar containing red, white, & blue flowers and also some flowering moss in a tin bucket with a flag.

It's perfect for watching the 4th of July parade go by!

Suggested materials:
  • 22" Wood Tub Planter
  • White outdoor paint
  • Rust-Oleum American Accents spray paint
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