Thanksgiving Wreath

Sandra Allen
by Sandra Allen
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With some pipe insulation, crocheted chain and some leaves and more you can make this pretty wreath in about 4 hours.
The chain that wraps the ring will need a size N or K hook, if you use a larger size yarn, or even if you double the yarn.
The chain that wraps the ring will need a size N or K hook, if you use a larger size yarn, or even if you double the yarn. This not only makes it quicker work but looks bulky.
The corn is a chain 4 and join. Chain 1 and make a continuous row till you get to 8 then keep that amount around till you get to 4 inches long. Leave a tail and use it to weave in and out of the top row, then cinch and stitch the top closed. Make 3 or these. You can make more if you want.

For the stalks, attach your cream color to the center of the corn top with your hook. Chain 10, slip stitch to the end, and repeat. Secure the corn stalk to the top and when you have 3 made, gather with some matching corn yarn and tie.
For the maple leaves, with an I hook and your fall colors, chain 2 and make 11 half doubles in the first chain. Join.

For the first small leaf part, chain 3 (the 3rd is the chain 1 in between) and make a half double in the same stitch. Make a slip stitch in the next stitch and a single in the same stitch. In the next stitch, make a half double and a double, then a chain 3 picot (chain 3 and make a slip stitch in the first chain), then reverse the pattern. Make 3 of these, then repeat last smaller part. When you reach the beginning, chain 6 and slip stitch on the chain back to the beginning and break off, tying tails in the back.
For the sunflowers, with your choice of center color, usually brown, and an I hook, chain 2 and make 6 more singles in the first chain for 7. Join and chain 1. Make 2 in each for 14. Break off and knot ties in the back.

Switch to a golden color at any single and chain 5. Make a single, half double in the first 2 chains. Make 2 doubles in the 3rd and a half double in the 4th. Slip stitch in the 3rd stitch. You will have 7 petals on the smaller. For the larger, do a 3rd row in the brown for 18, then 9 petals.

For the smaller green leaves, and with an I hook, chain 6 and make a single, half double, two doubles, half double and single in the 5 remaining chain. Repeat on the other side.
When you have all the components done, chain a chain as long as you have yarn for, but in 3' lengths. This is so your work doesn't "twist" on you and you can keep the top of the chain showing instead of the sides or the back. You will need to glue or pin the ends down. If your work is in white, or cream, you may need to cover the insulation with white fabric, or in my case, trash bag strips. If your work in black, gray or dark brown, the gray insulation won't show through.

For the bow, I gathered all 6 colors and made it with them. You can use other mediums if you prefer. Tie a tie to the back and glue on the components as you like and you have a welcoming to my favorite season!

Suggested materials:
  • Yarn: Cream, gold, brown, rust, variegated, and green.   (Had at home)
  • 3' pipe insulation   (Home Depot)
  • Duct tape   (Had at home)
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