Valentine's Garland

3 Materials
1 Hour

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day? I don't usually go overboard, but this year, I wanted to decorate our mantel with a fun garland.

Here is what I started with...

I purchased 2 sets of paper honeycomb balls in various shades of pink. These are the exact ones I bought:

I used a roll of jute twine that I already had on hand to string the balls.

The strings that are attached to the balls were too long for what I wanted, so I tied a knot in the string closer to the actual ball. This would make them hang tighter on the jute twine.

I strung the balls randomly on the string, varying the size and color as I went. I pushed them close together to make it easier to maneuver them once the garland was hanging. I took this picture before I realized that tying the little knots would work better. Do you see how long the strings on the balls are? That would have added more work once it is hanging, because then you would have had to secure them to the jute string somehow to make them tighter and closer.

This is what it looked like when I first hung it. Our mantel is a hemlock beam- I used a heavy duty stapler to attach the string! I always do that and it holds fine and you can't see the holes afterwards. If stapling string to your mantel won't work for you, you can easily use the command strip hooks like these:

After seeing it hanging, I realized I wanted it a little wider and that I also needed to secure it in the middle. Again, I stapled it, but you can also use those command strips instead to attach it.

The final step is just arranging the balls to your liking. I twisted and moved them until I had an arrangement that I liked. I even used some paper clips to attach the bigger balls and keep them in place.

It is so cute! I love the pops of pink!

This was an inexpensive way to add a fun statement piece for Valentine's Day! You could also make something like this to celebrate a birthday! Happy Valentine's Day!

Suggested materials:
  • Paper Honeycomb balls   (Amazon)
  • String   (Craft Store)
  • Heavy Duty Stapler   (Hardware Store)
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