Witches Broom

Vicki Rogers
by Vicki Rogers
I thought I'd share my crazy witch broom craft I finished today. I had this broken lamp, so while I was out shopping the other day I picked up some child size hula skirts and a door knob.
After removing the electric wiring and cleaning the lamp, I spray painted it with this paint I had.
I started with one end of the hula skirt and tied it off, and then wrapped it around, gluing as I went along.
After getting two hula skirts glued on it looked a little too thin, so while my daughter was out getting another skirt, I started applying this champagne color metallic paint with a chip brush to the raffia and lamp. I wanted it to look a little magical. :)
After gluing on the third skirt, I painted on more paint. This is what it looked like after getting the paint on.
I added the door knob, cheese cloth and spider.
If my memory serves me right, I think I have one of those little signs in my Halloween decorations, that says broom parking only, all others will be toad. I'll probably put that on this when I find it. Hope you like my crazy broom Halloween prop.
My friend called me the other day to see if I wanted her moms old lady mannequin. Well, of course I did! Lol. She had definitely seen better days, but nothing a little duct tape couldn't fix. Her facial features were all but gone. I painted her eyes, lips and nails, Bought a witch wig at Walmart and dressed her in bewitching attire. The best part is now my witch broom has an owner! :)
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  • Teri Lorek Teri Lorek on Sep 14, 2016
    I love how you made the broom and the witch looks fabulous. I wish I had your imagination. My question is about the cat at the witch's feet. What is it made of and do you have a closer picture of it?..........Or is it REAL.......

  • Tina Meckley Tina Meckley on Sep 22, 2016
    Are the orange curtains for Halloween or is that your color scheme ?

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