Wooden Easter Bunny Tutorial

Charbel Barker
by Charbel Barker
I love decorating my house for every holiday and season of the year. These wooden Easter Bunnies are pretty easy to make, are inexpensive, and are so cute! A full list of materials and additional images can be viewed at the blog link below.

The first step is to cut the wood into the sizes that you need. The wood that I used is a little bit thick, so you will need a good circular saw. You can cut them whatever length you want – I cut one that was 10 inches, one that was 8 inches, and two that were 6 inches to represent my husband, myself, and our two little boys

Once you have cut the wood to the correct lengths, make sure to sand them so that they are smooth and so that you can get rid of the rough edges. Then be sure to wipe the excess dust clean.

Once cut and sanded, it is time to paint. I used white primer that I had on hand, but you can really use any white paint. I decided to use what I had, because like I have mentioned in the past, I like doing inexpensive, yet really cute crafts!

While you are waiting for the white paint to dry, it is time to paint the noses with acrylic paint according to the color of fabric that you are going to use later.

To make the eyes, use a cotton swap to paint a small black circle on the now dry block of wood. After the black circle has dried, paint a small white circle to finish the eyes.

The next step is to take out your Pinking Shears and cut two 14″ x 2″ rounded strips of your choice of fabric. Put the inward-facing sides together and then use some needle and thread to bring the middle pieces together as shown in the pictures below. Use hot glue to glue it to the top of the block.

The next step is to make the whiskers. To do this you will need thin pieces of wire and wood glue. For each bunny, cut three pieces of the wire to equal lengths, put them together, and tie a knot in the middle. After you have tied the knot, put it in the middle, about where the nose will go and attach with your wood glue. Then put the nose on top, pressing down firmly so that it is glued in place as well. Once the nose and wire are in place, use a pen or marker to add some form the whiskers. Now you can add more decorations, like bows and buttons or whatever else you think will look great!

The final step is to draw on the mouth and the teeth and adding a little bit of color to the cheek area.
I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial! For a full list of materials and additional images (or if you want to read in Spanish), head on over to the post on my blog listed below!
Charbel Barker
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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