Happy Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath

by Sherry
1 Hour
It's Halloween and that means it's craft time. Crafts, decorations, and crazy recipes are some of the things that make Halloween so much fun. I recently learned how to make deco mesh wreaths. It’s such an interesting craft. You can attach just about anything to the wreath, giving each one a unique personality. I noticed that a few of the craft and hobby stores sell seasonal deco mesh wreaths, and gorgeous ones at that, but at outrageous prices that I won’t consider. So, I decided this was going to be my new craft. I picked up a copy of the book by Leisure Arts, Inc., Deco Mesh Wreaths, which gave me a great overview on how to get started making dec mesh wreaths.

16″ diameter black or orange wire wreath frame with ties

10 yard roll 21″ wide Halloween black/lime/purple

10 yard roll 3″ wide green, orange, or purple deco mesh ribbon

black chenille stems

Happy Halloween glitter hanging sign

large spider glitter spider

glitter spiders, green, purple, or orange

measuring tape or pre-marked pattern cutting board

blue masking tape


hot glue gun
Step 1: Gather all materials. Use the tape measure and measure about 18″ and mark with tape. I used a pre-marked pattern cutting board, but a work table and masking tape will do. Open the ties on the wire wreath.

Step 2: Gather about 6″ of the Halloween colored deco mesh. On the bottom row of the wreath frame, open a tie. Place the mesh on the tie and twist the ties to secure.
Step 3: Measure 16-18″ from the attached mesh (the person at Michaels recommended 18″). Keeping it straight, gather the mesh at the 18″ mark. On the top row, skip the first tie. Attach the mesh to the next tie. Alternate between top and bottom rows of the wire frame, skipping every other tie all the way around the wreath.

Step 4: Moving counter-clockwise, measure and attach the mesh to all open ties. Twist and secure mesh. When mesh is attached to all remaining ties, cut, leaving about a 6″ tail. Hang the wreath and adjust and fluff the mesh until the loops look even.
Step 5: Measure the lime green mesh ribbon to make 6 loops, 7″ long each, with a 24″ tail (or longer, if desired). Fold mesh in 6 loops, twist, and join to wire frame with chenille stem. Attach the Happy Halloween glitter hanging sign with a chenille stem to the wire frame. Attach large spider with chenille stem; hot glue or clip glitter spiders to ribbon and wreath.
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