6 Holiday Gift Wrap Tips You’ll Want

Today I’m sharing 6 Holiday Gift Wrap Tips You’ll Want. I love gift wrapping and have since I was a kid. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make your gifts and the gift inside look fantastic. I've got a fun story I'm sharing below too. Here are just a few great tips to help you out through the gift giving season:
1. S – Shop your house!!! You will be amazed at what you have in your home that you can use and add to your gift wrap like fabric, buttons, ribbons, jewelry and ornaments.
2. C – Creativity is Key. Let your creativity come out in your gift wrap. Maybe there is a theme you can tie in with their gift and the gift wrap.
3. O – Be Open to Nature – look outside your home. Many of you have wonderful twigs, branches, berries, pinecones and flowers that you can use and add to a pretty package.
4. T – Tie Pretty Bows. Wire ribbon is my favorite and works best.
5. C – Call your friends for a “Gift Wrap Party”. It is so fun to invite a few friends over, bring their gifts and their favorite gift wrap and serve wine or hot cocoa and make a party. You will have fun, laughs, girl time and your gifts will be wrapped in no time.
6. H – Have fun! Be yourself and let your style show through.
Do you like how it spells out S C O T C H?? It’s my favorite.
Here are some gift bags I made from 2/1 bags at the Dollar Tree Store. I just embellished them with things I had in my home. Details on the blog.
Here are some Pottery Inspired wine bags I made for less than $1 and the burlap one retails for $12 on their website too. Details on the blog. In case you are new here, I participated in a contest and was selected as one of Scotch’s Most Gifted Wrapper’s and get to compete December 6th in New York City for a 1 in 8 chance to $10,000. How exciting is that. I’ll keep you posted and if you want to follow along on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram please do and you're welcome to come on over to the blog.
I’ll continue to post Gift Wrapping Tips throughout the holiday Season for you all.
If you have any great gift wrapping ideas I’d love to hear them too. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day, Lisa
S- Shop your home. Here are some gifts I have wrapped with things in my home, like burlap, fabric, twin, ornaments, & trader joes brown paper bag.
I was selected as one of 8 finalists in Scotch's Most Gifted Wrapper. I'm pretty excited.
The Gift Wrap Contest is on Dec 6th, love for you to follow along.
This is Lia that one $10,000 last year. I'd love to be the one holding that check too. I have a 1 in 8 chance.
Here are some gift bags I got at the Dollar Tree 2/$1 and embellished them with things in my home like fabric, buttons, paint etc. There's a step by step post about them too.
Here are some Pottery Barn inspired wine bags I made from burlap and paint. There's a step by step post you can view too. They retail for $12 and I made them for under $1.
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Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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