7 Hobby Kits to Get Your Mom for Mother's Day

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What do you get the mom who makes everything?

It’s almost Mother’s Day, and that means it’s time (maybe past time?) to figure out the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Chocolates are fine, but this Mother’s Day, give Mom the gift of creativity and pride, with the perfect hobby kit to suit her interests.

Between learning new skills and techniques and using new materials, Mom will enjoy making a DIY gift she’ll be excited to create and proud to show off. These easy-to-follow kits come with all the materials, instructions, and guidance needed to create beautiful items for herself and for her home.

There are lots of DIY directions to go, whether Mom is a beginner or a maven, but here are a few of our favorite starter kits to consider gifting...

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Is there anything better than relaxing in a giant tub of hot water with a slowly fizzing bath bomb to keep you company and pamper your skin? Turns out, there is! This DIY bath bomb kit will enable your mother to create 15+ essential oil Himalayan sea salt bath bombs with different fragrances and textures. Talk about giving your mom the relaxing and luxurious day she deserves!

Kit includes: fine and coarse salts, citric acid, baking soda, grapeseed oil, essential oil blends, sprayer bottle, aluminum bath bomb molds, packaging tissue paper, bath bomb stickers, instructions, access to online video tutorial

Reviewer said: “I would recommend the kit to anyone wanting to save a little money over store-bought bombs and make their own bombs for their use or gifts.”

Soothing, serene, scent-sational—DIY candles can create an atmosphere of calm in your home and, once you know how to make them yourself, are a great money-saver. Gift this kit (ranked #1 on Amazon’s candle making kit list!) to teach someone the ins and outs of candle making and to enable them to customize some signature fragrances.

Kit includes: 4 packs of beeswax (1.76lbs), 100 cotton wicks, 4 scents, 8 candle tins, 8 bow tie clips, 8 dry blocks, 1 metal pouring pot, 1 mixing spoon, 1 thermometer, 10 warning labels, 112 glue points, 1 manual

Reviewer said: “I really love how this kit is affordable and beginner-friendly”

There’s nothing quite as extravagant as having your own custom-made soap. With this all-inclusive kit, your mom will have all the tools and materials she needs to make a luxurious, floral-infused soap collection, perfect for enjoying herself or gifting. The gentle fragrances and nurturing oils included in this kit will be just the thing to treat your mom on her special day.

Kit includes: 2 lbs shea butter soap base, 2 silicone square molds, 6 fragrance oils, 6 liquid dyes, glass measuring cup, silicone stirring stick, 2 dry flowers, 12 homemade wrap labels, a very detailed introduction

Reviewer said: Easy to use, smells & feels great. Highly recommended!

This hobby is an oldie, but a goodie! This kit has everything you need to embroider a beautiful and delicate floral design while learning basic embroidery skills and techniques. The simple and repetitive steps of the pattern make these easy to follow and calming to create, and you’re basically assured a stunning result.

This kit includes: 3 stamped embroidery cloths (patterns), 3 plastic embroidery hoops, 6 needles, instructions for each pattern, 3 sets of thread for each cloth

Reviewer said: “The kit comes with everything and it is a very lovely product when finished.”

Wood burning is an easy way to upgrade trinkets, home decor, or even furniture, and it’s simple to learn with this accessible wood burning kit. Once you have the tools and the know-how, you can use them again and again to customize your home. This is really a starter kit to get Mom on the road to creating beautifully burned accents and accessories.

This kit includes: 1 pyrography pen, 1 soldering iron holder, 23 assorted wood carving tips, 8 molds, 6 colored pencils, 1 pencil sharpener, 15 pieces of carbon paper, 15 pieces of timber, 1 tip storage box, 1 storage pack, 1 user manual

Reviewer said: “Just thrilled with my purchase!! Wonderful packaging, very fast shipping. Great product!!”

Resin is the new wunderkind of the DIY world. The crazy thing about it? It’s really not so hard to use! This kit will break down the steps and provide all the tools and materials you need to create shimmering, one-of-a-kind resin jewelry. Resin is a long-lasting, versatile material and once your mom has learned how to use it, she can use it again and again for tons of other projects.

Kit includes: 1 bottle epoxy resin, 1 bottle epoxy hardener, 1 pendant mold, 1 sheet of jewelry molds, mixing sticks, mixing spoons, 1 pair of gloves, 4 open jump rings, 12 open rings, 12 earring hooks, 3 measuring cups, pair of tweezers, 1 necklace chain, storage bag, manual, assortment of wheel gears, assortment of dried flowers, assortment of fine glitters, assortment of glitter sequins, package of mylar flakes, package of gold foil flakes, sheet of sandpaper

Reviewer said: “This is awesome for beginners. I’ve never worked with resin and it was easy. There is enough resin, glitter, and flowers to make several pieces.”

This vintage trend is making a comeback! This neutral-toned boho decor is quickly becoming a style staple in every home, and this kit is the perfect way to jump on the bandwagon. Gift this DIY macrame hanging planter kit to give your Mom a therapeutic, relaxing, and versatile skill.

Kit includes: 109 yards (100 m) of macrame cord, 12 macrame beads, and a guide for large macrame plant hangers

Reviewer said: “This was a great kit and I had everything I needed to do the one with the kit and an additional one. Very proud of myself.”

Mother’s Day is only a few days away so it’s time to decide which DIY adventure your mom would like best! Happy gifting!

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