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How to make a kitchen trivet. In this tutorial we'll help you to make your own handmade woven support under hot. You can use this DIY trivet as a tableware and an interior design element!
Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!
Start with paper tubes. We’ll need a protecting cover, knitting needle, craft knife and white glue.
Cut out a newspaper into 8 parts.
Add a line of glue across the edge.
Roll around the needle starting with a corner.
When you prepared enough tubes, join the two by putting one end into the other.
Make 8 long tubes.
Place the four crossing the other four. This will be a support frame.
Make two long tubes for weaving.
Bend one in half and wind around four upper frame tubes.
Weave them around and wind another four tubes.
Continue in this way.
Make long tubes as far as needed.
At the end of the second layer split up four frame tubes into two pairs and weave each pair around.
Stop weaving after the forth layer and secure the tubes.
Take a long bended tube and wind around each frame element leaving an inch space from the four woven layers.
Secure the tubes after the sixth layer.
Complete the weaving by trimming the edge. Take the last frame tube of the sixth layer and wind it around the next right one.
Cut out the excess and add some glue.
Tuck the end into the weaving using a needle.
Bend and secure the other frame tubes.
Now apply a ground coat.
Mix the glue, white water-based paint and water in equal proportion.
Cover the craft.
Double coat with dark rosewood finishing after drying.
Woven wicker like decorated support under hot can be both used as a tableware and an interior design element. 

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