Personalize & Upcycle a Gift for Mothers Day

Cumbriacrafts with louise
by Cumbriacrafts with louise
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Below is a pic of a unopened box of lavender aromatics.

Been in my dressing room cupboard since Christmas.

Mother's day is around the corner. Looking at this i thought I won't use it.

I could add my personal touches.

Make it look maybe a bit better?

My mum likes lavender an needs to relax.

So this could be just the trick.

I had a basket.

This was going to be a pamper hamper.

The unopened gift

I Ripped it out this box

Below is what i have.

Still smelling lovely.

The manicure set i found still new

Pedicure set (new)

Shower cap (new)

Cooling eye band, bombs, body buffer brush, all new.

I was amazed at how meny new things i found.

It will all add to the basket

Little mason jars

I simply pour the bath Gel into a mini mason jar.

I save'd as much as i could of the sticker of the bottle.

Glueing it onto the mini mason jar. Look's cute.

Tried to keep as much of the tag.

Only bit i could save.

Salts with dried lavender

The lavender bath salts with dried lavender.

I added to a air tight glass jar with dry mint leaves as decor.

white twine around both jars with gift tags explaining what was in each jar.

Below i get a sock 100/cotton Added 3cups of rice with 20 drops of lavender essential oil mixing with a cocktail stick..

Making the heated rice pad

Once i was happy with the rice. It went into the sock.

Lavender will relax my mum so thats the oil i used.

Plus other things were lavender aromatics.

So winner winner.

I have a post about how to make rice hot an cold pain relief

It explains how to use in the microwave.

If you're interested as this is optional this gift.

Looks good a created by me

All done an smells amazing. This will help my mums muscles. Once heated she can relax with this. This can be used for headaches,cramps,back,legs sore neak.

Meny more its flexible so can be positioned easily around the neak.

Put all supplies in your basket

My basket.

My mum loves paris so this lining is cool.

Fill the box up with all your special treats..

Little touches mean a lot

This was 49p. Butterfly's my mum loves them.

On the back i added some self addisive letters.

So two messages in one.

Plus this can be the door hanger.

It looks much better then the original gift

Adding jars i think they look a lot cute.

I added a mini mason jar home freshener made with rice an dried nuts. Lavender essential oil 10 drops. To add next to the bed. Added

New slippers, foot pedicure set, facemask, bodybutter, lavender bath bomb. Shower cap. buffing brush. Bath gel, Bath salts, Eye cooling mask, Body buffers, lavender candle.

Add as much as you like.

An more..

This has turned out as i thought.

Giving it my own personal touch as made it look much better then in a box.

My mam will use all of these.

An i'm sure she will like her pamper hamper basket.

We all want our mum to relax so there's no excuse now.

It's smelling beautiful lavender my mums fave smell.

Recycling a gift to make it look more expensive.

Really dose work. Why not try it with a love one

Happy mother's day to the mum's that read :)

Suggested materials:
  • Basket   (Homebargin)
  • Aromatic Lavender bath set box   (Amazon)
  • Other bits i had in my vanity unit   (Home)
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