DIY Wrapping Paper

Dawn Neumeister
by Dawn Neumeister
4 Materials
2 Hours
Looking for a unique wrapping paper for a gift? Well I'm going to show you how to make some that costs next to nothing.
I took some art/craft paper and cut it to fit the box I'll put my gift in.
I used a paint brush and used a dry brush technique with the paint. This is where you load the paint on the brush and put it right to the paper. I used a combination of purple, magenta and cranberry red to get an ombré effec. I then dipped my paint brush in water and used it to fill in the gaps of white paper leftover from the dry brush strokes of paint. I used a washcloth and patted the paper to soak up the extra water, that way the paper didn't get warped. I then let it dry.
I took a crocheted doily and painted it with white and gold paint and stamped it onto the paper in a staggered pattern. I then took some stencils and filled in the empty spaces with gold, white, and turquoise paint.
This is the finished product. It's definitely unique and you won't find anything like this in a store.
An up close picture of the finished wrapping paper.
Suggested materials:
  • Paint brushes   (Home, can be purchased at any craft store)
  • Acrylic paint   (Home, can be purchased at any art or craft store)
  • Doily   (Thrift Store)
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