Easy Bow Making Tutorial

Stephanie Sanders
by Stephanie Sanders
2 Materials
10 Minutes
I whipped this burlap bow up pretty quickly. I know bows can be tricky and tough to make! I have a few ways I make them but this is one I came up with that was pretty simple I think.
I used 5”x about 5ft maybe a littl shorter for this bow for a wreath.
Just loop the ribbon in a big circle & lay on top of each other.
It should look like this. The leg of one ribbon will be turned right side up. Find the other end and twist it right side up, about 6-7” up -behind where the knot would be.
Gather in the middle and pinch together. Here you could use floral wire to tie it in place.
Then cut a 6” length of ribbon, fold it in thirds and wrap it around the center of the bow.
I then took a paper clip and clipped this center part together on the back side. Then pulled floral wire through the paper clips to hang your bow with.
Viola! A big bow for your wreath or tree or wherever you need it! To make a smaller bow use less ribbon.
Suggested materials:
  • 5” wide burlap ribbon   (Hobby Lobby)
  • Paper clips   (Junk drawer)
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