Easy, Cheap, DIY Christmas Stockings

2 Hours
The hardest part about making these DIY Christmas stockings is making sure your bobbin is in your sewing machine correctly.
If you want an adorable Christmas stocking, but don't want to knit one by hand, or pay a lot for a really nice one, head to your local thrift store and find a pretty knit Christmas sweater instead.

You can easily turn a cheap sweater into a pretty stocking! It's frugal, it's fast, it's easy. Even for me, someone who almost never sews anything. Seriously, the hardest part was learning how to use my sewing machine to make these. If you already know that you can probably whip out a stocking or two in even less than the 2+ hours it took me. (Original post on my blog: http://www.whatsupfagans.com/2012/12/pinterest-find-easy-homemade-christmas-stockings-from-a-sweater/)
If you buy a large enough sweater you should be able to squeeze out two stockings from one sweater!

Turn the sweater inside out and lay a template (like a stocking you already have - this one was actually handknit by my grandmother) and trace with a marker or pencil of some kind. Make sure the bottom of the sweater is the opening of the stocking, and that the stockings are facing the way you want them to (left or right).
Pin the fabric to itself so it doesn't shift, then sew along the lines.

*If you don't cut it first, it makes it easier!*

Now cut the stockings out, staying close to your sewing lines.

Turn the stocking right-side out.
To add a hanging tab, cut a narrow strip of fabric from your sweater, and sew along the edges (with it inside out).

Turn them right-side out (using a pencil or something), iron it to help it lay flat, and sew the ends to the sweater on the backside of the sweater.

And you're done!

You just made a stocking (or two!) in a matter of a couple hours and for only a few dollars. Win!

If you are looking for more DIY Homemade Christmas stocking ideas, check out this post!: http://www.whatsupfagans.com/2014/10/diy-homemade-christmas-stockings/
Katelyn Fagan
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