Fleece Hats and Holiday Sleeves For Your Candy Bars

Stacy Davis
by Stacy Davis
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In my previous candy sleeve tutorial, I covered how to wrap candy boxes to make a festive holiday gift. This tutorial is just a slightly different alternative for your candy treat and this one has a cute fleece hat. I used card stock because I have a surplus of Christmas card stock. You can use gift wrap, scrapbook paper, tissue paper and more. This is a great scrap-buster project. Change the paper and this works for Valentine's Day and Easter, as well. I also saw that instead of candy bars, people put the wrap around packages of microwave popcorn. Use your imagination and go wild, if you like. **As I was putting together the stockings on Christmas Eve, I made a mental note to snag the pom poms and fleece hats before they disappear in the wrapping paper when everything is opened. That made me realize how many years that you can get out of these little decorations. They might even last long for my kids to show their kids. I sure hope so... Happy Holidays and I hope some of my crafts can be family traditions at your house, too.**
Many steps are the same as my previous tutorial.

Supplies Needed

Candy Bars

Card Stock/Scrapbook Paper/Gift Wrap

Paper Trimmer

Bone Folder (Optional)

Scoring Board (Optional)



Thread for sewing or glue

Pom Pom (Optional)

First, I started by standing it on its short side and making a mark to show where to score. Then I basically rolled it along making marks to score later. I like to have an additional length and not have it end exactly where it begins. It just gives it a cleaner look.
I put my candy bar inside and taped the side. In my previous tutorial with the candy boxes, I didn't cover the top or bottom of the boxes. For this tutorial, since there is a hat on top, I wanted to close the bottom.
I was able to push the sides in and then added tape along the bottom.
I cut my fleece folded over the same dimension as the candy bar. I knew once I sewed it closed, it would fit snuggly. I made it 3 inches tall, but you can make it as big or little as you like. 3 inches really didn't give me enough to roll up a brim so on the next one, I will make it probably 4 or 5 inches.
I just sewed up the side and across the top. Turned it inside out and added it to the top of my treat.
I think it is adorable. I added some cording and a pom pom.
I bought three rolls of ribbon embellishments from the craft store and was having trouble corralling them. There are 8 different types of ribbon on two of the rolls and 4 on the third. They were always a mess. So, here is my tip. lt helps keep it neat, if you store your ribbon spools in a utensil organizer. It has made them much easier to work with for me.
I hope you have enjoyed my tutorials and can use them to make your own holiday creations!
Happy Holidays!!
I have one more fleece idea... within the snowman is a chalk label pint jar filled with treats. The green bag could also hold a pint sized jar as well. If you want details on making these... here is the link... http://www.hometalk.com/diy/craft/seasonal-decor/holiday-fleece-covers-for-treat-jars-26102709
I decided my snowman was missing something... mouth, arms, flower for the hat and some winter fluff around his neck! Somedays, I go all out and somedays you just get a jar of candy!
You can use this idea for other holidays, as well. Above is a Valentine's Day idea. I used scrapbook paper on the left and card stock on the right. On the left is a multi pack of chewing gum and a candy bar on the right.
Warning: If you buy the Clover pom pom maker, you might not be able to stop making pom poms. I've seen it happen to others and now, it has happened to me. LOL (Some of the small pom poms here are from the Dollar Tree but the floppy ones are homemade.) Here is the link to this project... http://www.hometalk.com/diy/craft/seasonal-decor/valentine-s-day-and-easter-pom-pom-animals-or-creatures-with-treats-26227928
Suggested materials:
  • Fleece
  • Felt
  • Pom pom on Stocking Hats   (Dollar Tree)
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  • Connie Gustavsen Connie Gustavsen on Dec 24, 2016
    So cute! I'd like the directions to the snowman jar cover. Send it to my email: bettyboop56@bellsouth.net Thanks and Merry Christmas!!

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  • Ranchmom1 Ranchmom1 on Jan 02, 2017
    Please send the directions for snowman to my email address: ranchmom1@hotmail.com Thank you.. You have some really great ideas.

    • Stacy Davis Stacy Davis on Jan 03, 2017
      Thank you! I just sent you a link to the tutorial for the snowman. Happy New Year!

  • Beverly Campbell Beverly Campbell on Jan 08, 2017
    I can't stop looking at your little pom poms. They are soooo cute and I want to snuggle with them. I HAVE to make a box full for next year to put on the gifts for the grand kids. Thanks so much for the post and Happy New Year to you Stacy. Keep the ideas flowing.

    • Stacy Davis Stacy Davis on Jan 08, 2017
      Thank you!! They are cuddly! Happy New Year to you, too! I'll try to keep surprising you with new ideas!