Rose Petal Soap Perfect for Your Valentine ❤

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Hi everyone

Happy Valentine's Day.

Making soap today for the first time. Can't be hard. Right? No.

My partner bought me Rose's last year in December for Christmas

I kept them and dried them out.

Chocolates, are also from my partner.

Valentine's day is upon us.

The chocolate mould was perfect to use for this.

Seen it before on Hometalk.

I did say I would try it. ;)

Below are my moulds

Ice cube heart shaped mould.

I used a heart shaped mould for cookies.

Ain't below. You'll see it soon.

I purchased some melt & pour crystal soap base from Amazon.

My main cost was this only.

Cutting into small pieces so it melts evenly.

Place into a jug and microwave for 60 secs until all is dissolved. Mixing it well.


I separated my petals.

Cutting with scissors so they were all the same size.

Just using the petals in my red mix.

A thermometer is needed at this point if adding oils.

Adding colour, give it a mix.

1.25ml of strawberry essential Oil.

Not everyone will like it strong so it depends on the person.

Adding the cut petals.

Give it a stir.


Give another stir and pour into your moulds.

Thats my red strawberry mix made.

Next is lavender with rose leaves.

Rose leaves chopped and waiting to be dropped in the mix.

Leaves and purple colour have been added,

30 drops of lavender, ready to pour in to the mould

Chocolate mould done.

Next to do the heart ice tray and cookie mould.

20 drops Bubble gum and 20 drops of strawberry will be my next soap mix.

Red soap colour.

I made just enough to fill 5 hearts and the full heart.

Make sure to mix well so your petals or leaves won't sink to the bottom. Add more for decoration if wanted.

Leave these to stand in a cool place for 2 to 3 hours depending how cold it is.

While waiting to set.

You will need an airtight container to hold your soap.

Mason jars are good to use to store them.

I wrapped red elastic twine around the top to hang my heart labels adding messages to suit the soaps I was adding.

My labels above.

I used a used red envelope.

Folding, then cutting a half a heart.

When opened it was a full love heart.

I made two for my jars.

Below are the rose stems.

And a foam heart I found in my stash...

So, I painted it red with acrylic paint.

Used the rose stem as a holder like so.

It's our trophy, 21 Valentine's Days together.

Turned out ok.

Or our trophy.

Simple decoration.

Set lovely.


Some I filled with red and the others are purple.

They smell beautiful.

Wonder if I can get these out easy?

The chocolate shapes are cute.

Look amazing.

Very easy to pop out from the bottom. They look cool.

The heart is beautiful bubblegum and strawberry.

And came away very easy like so.

Removed easy.

Below are also easy to remove

Trim to shape with scissors

Pop out and add with the rest.

All done.

Lavender and rose leaves.

Strawberry and bubblegum with rose petals.

All I used was gifts my partner bought me.

Who doesn't like to bathe with Rose's on Valentine's Day.

So, if you get rose's for Valentine's Day maybe this can be an idea to use them when they look limp.

If gifting the soap, wrap it in nice paper using some string.

Keeps in the smell and it makes it look more handmade and natural.

My heart bar is wrapped with paper.

I wrapped the little ones also as these will be separated into a smaller jar.

The jars are my partner's Valentine's gift.

I'm very happy how this turned out.

Partner used the lavender soap, he says its relaxing. Nice to hear.

Thanks for reading

Suggested materials:
  • Melt an pour crystal soap base   (Amazon)
  • Soap colour   (Amazon)
  • Roses   (Gift)
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