Heart Shaped Locket With 16 Gig Flash Drive. A Gifty for Christy.

by Bigaug
Not exactly a Hometalk item but I thought I'd share anyway. So I saw a locket on Pinterest that had an 8 gig flash hidden inside. It was embellished with watch parts via steampunk. The piece was so neat I decided to try making one.
I roughed out an oak heart on the band saw. A pallet project provided the scrap wood.
Sliced the rough heart into thirds, also on the band saw. The scorching tells me I need a new blade, and my band saw needs a tune up.
I don't have any watch parts, but, I did have an old neat looking salad fork. I cut off the end and rolled it over onto itself to make a chain loop. I used a chisel to create a recess in the top layer of the heart for the fork handle.
I notched the middle layer to fit the flash drive, unfortunately, I forgot to take any pictures.

After I glued the 3 layers back into 1 piece I shaped the heart with my Ryobi rotary and some sand paper. I also neglected to photograph these steps. :(
After shaping, I added some stain.
The back.
A tiny flash drive.
Tiny flash drive fully inserted.
Almost finished. Some clear, a lot of polishing, and a chain and it will be.
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  • Kelly S Kelly S on May 27, 2014
    Very cool and nifty. I have a scroll saw so this could be up my alley. Thank you for posting it.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on May 27, 2014
    It seems there would be a great retail market for these! It protects the drive AND looks great!