Inexpensive DIY Gift Bags

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Once you learn the basic folding construction of a gift bag, it is a total game changer. Here's how to make gift bags using little to no money.
Using only on roll of ($1) brown craft wrapping paper I made ornament gift bags for my husband's entire family and had plenty left over. This method is also a great way reuse/recycle old wrapping paper, magazines, newspapers and etc.

Start by cutting your selected paper (news, wrapping or whatever you choose to use) into a rectangle. In this tutorial my rectangle measured 10 inches wide x 15 inches high. This measurement will make size to practice the folding process. Once you have done it a few times, you will get a better idea of how big your rectangle should be to wrap a particular item.

Folding instructions:

1. Lay your rectangle out with the long side on the top. Create a double fold on the top, folding once about 1/2 inch and once again about 1 inch. Secure folds using a glue stick or with double side tape.
2. Fold the right side slightly overlapping the center of the paper.
3. Fold the left side to the direct center of the paper. Secure the folds inside the overlap.
4. Fold the bottom upward at least two inches. Now open up the fold and flatten the corners like seen in the pic below to create two flaps at the bottom of the bag. Note how the crease and fold lines are lined up. I added a dotted line to the pic on the right side to accent the center line.
5. Fold both of the flaps to the center (dotted line) and secure.
6. Fold both sides of the bag in so the "triangles" meet (see pic).
7. Unfold the bag into shape. You will have to reverse some of the folds you made in order for the bag to stand properly but you are all done. To create handles, you can hole punch the top and add ribbon, twine or etc for the handles and embellish as desired.
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