How to Make a Reusable Christmas Gift Box

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Tired of wrapping gifts every year? Why not create your very own reusable Christmas gift box to use year over year! It’s way easier than you think!

When I asked the My Homier Home VIP group what they would ask for if they could wave a magic wand before the holidays, so many said someone to wrap all the presents for them.

Now I can't come to your house and wrap your presents for you, but I can provide a fun and easy tutorial to help save you time.

First things first, you want to gather all of your materials.

I bought most of my stuff from Target since they seemed to have the best in-person inventory, but I did link all of what I bought in the link above.

Here’s what you’ll need

  • White gift boxes with lids (Any gift boxes with lids will do including old shoe boxes and what not)
  • Wrapping paper (Pick your favorite that goes with your Christmas color scheme and theme)
  • Spray adhesive (I used a similar repositionable stencil spray adhesive)
  • Double-sided tape (I didn’t have this at first, bu it does make a better seam when wrapping the paper around the box)
  • Clear tape (This works best for taping the paper inside the box)
  • Ribbon (Choose any ribbon you’d like… this is the snowflake one shown above)
  • Bows (Bows are a great way to up the style of the box)
  • Stems (These are the ones I used in this tutorial and they gave a great addition to the box)
  • Gift Tags (I used tie ones so that I could remove them each year. I tied them to the stems I used above)
  • Paper cutter (This is such a handy tool!)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Step 1. Cut paper to make a slight overlap when folded over.



Step 2. Mark box position with a pencil and spray with adhesive.

Outline one side

Outline the other side

Apply a mist of spray adhesive

Line up box with pencil marks

Press box firmly in all areas

Step 3. Fold up all sides.

Fold up long sides

Press firmly to adhere

Fold up short sides

Step 4. Squeeze corners to make points at each corner.

Pinch the corners flat to make a point

Repeat for each corner

Bringing both sides of the paper together

Creating the point

Step 5. Cut a slit at each corner.

Cut a slit on the long edge

Only cut to the top of the box

Repeat for all four corners

Step 6. Fold in and tape down the flat side.

Fold one long edge in

Fold other long edge in

Tape them down on the inside of the box

Smooth out triangle and fold in one side

Step 7. Fold in and tape down the corner sides.

Then fold in the other side

Squeeze firmly

Attach tape to inside of triangle

Adhere to short side

Repeat on other side

Cut across the top for an even edge

Fold the whole side in

Tape it down inside the box

Step 8. Garnish with bows, ribbon, Gift tags and/or stems.

Add your embellisments

Step 9. Fill with goodies.

Add your favorite colored tissue paper to the inside, place your gift on top, fold the tissue over, and close the box.

Now you have reusable Christmas gift boxes to help you save time wrapping year over year!

You can find the full detailed explanations for how to make these here.

Suggested materials:
  • See first part of this post.
  • All listed materials can be found here   ( #materials)
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  • Flipturn Flipturn on Dec 06, 2021

    As these boxes are intended to be reused, it's smart to spend a little more on better quality paper with the grids on the back. The grids make measuring and cutting much easier, which results in less paper wastage. Thicker paper will not tear as easily at the corners or on the folds.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Dec 08, 2021

    Yes, I saw that the paper you used does have grids. That is my point,-

    I think you made a smart choice to use the paper you did, rather than cheap paper that does not have grids. As the thinner paper tears more easily, and is harder to measure and cut without the grids, it leads to more paper wastage.