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What is it about snow globes that are so enchanting? Little worlds incased in glass. Dreamy snow and glitter falling over animals and villages. They get me every time. This year I wanted to go next level with the dreamy enchantment and have the kids and I make our own globes. And I ABSOLUTELY love them. Wondering how to make a snow globe? Here is our simple tutorial to make your own magical globes.

There are sooooo many different kinds of snow globes to make out there. I’d say that’s half the fun! The hardest part about how to make a snow globe? It’s settling on what you want to put inside. Thank goodness you can make as many as you heart desires and play with every idea!

Each year I really try to get the kids involved in decorating for Christmas and enjoying the season. We’re all about “Playable decor” in our house. Other favorite projects we’ve done with the kids was when they made their very own Christmas Village, and how our interactive advent calendar is so hands on.

But anyhow, back the the snow globes.

I’m a mason jar and overall glass jar hoarder. I do a lot of canning and have tons of lids and seals at the ready. You can see in my pictures the used can lids that say salsa and jam. Love that I can repurpose them into these timeless globes!

How To Make A Snow Globe | What you’ll need for the globes:

Thankfully when making waterless snow globes, you don’t have to worry about having a super great seal to hold in water. This makes it easier to use vintage glass containers, or old glass jam or baby food jars. Hobby Lobby also has an amazing selection of glass containers at really great prices. And most of us have a few mason jars laying around (my choice pick for snow globes.) So grab a few containers and now we move onto the items for inside the globes.

Unfortunately, I woke up one day spontaneously wanting to make snow globes right that very minute. (This is how my creative brain usually works) So off I scooted to the store to grab the needed supplies.

However, all the craft stores I visited really let me down in the animal figurine department. Most were too big to fit into my jars or they just weren’t the style I wanted. Of course, after looking online I found everything I would have wanted and more to go in my globes. I’ve since made an amazon order and can’t wait to bust out a few more globes.

They also make great gifts! I plan on giving them to some friends and family. And you don’t have to make them holiday themed. There are so many options when making snow globes!

These are my top favorites from Amazon that I found to place in my globes.

Shop globe making items:

Assembling the snow globes

Most containers you’ll use for your globes will have a lid that is around a half inch tall. This means when you place your items inside your globe, you’re going to want to elevate them somehow so you don’t loose your wonderland scene under the side of the lid.

For several of my globes I used wide mouth mason jars. So, for a little lift, I hot glued a small mouth lid and seal together, and then glued it to the inside of the large mouth seal and it was the exact perfect height. Get creative and find items already on had to glue and lift your scenes.

I also spray pained the lids with a gold glitter (I’m all about neutral colors and golds for this Christmas. ( See my village Christmas shelf decor for more neutral inspiration!) Painting the lids is a perfect way to tie all the glass globes together. Once the paint was dry it was time to glue the items to the lid.

These Christmas cars are adorable and besides the deer, come in as a close second to my favorite globes. I simply removed the bottom wood round from a bottle brush tree, superglued it to the car, and tied a string around it.

Is it sad that my son has literally hundreds of hot wheel cars, yet he wouldn’t share one with me for making the globes? I had to purchase new ones, which suddenly disappeared right before I went to glue them on. Low and behold, my son was upstairs playing with them. If you follow me over on Instagram stories you watched this play out in real time. (And if you’re not following me over there yet, you should! It can get pretty entertaining!) 😉

I just loved the idea of a winter scene with deer. And since I’m all about gold lately, I dusted the deer in gold glitter spray paint, and also touched up their ears, tails, and horns with gold.

The trees are so fun to make little forests with. Just make sure they are varying heights, either by using different sizes or using again, some sort of item to lift them a bit.

You truly don’t need a ton of snow in these to make them beautiful. I ended up taking out a lot after my first new attempts to finish them off, because too much snow covered all your animals and items. Adding just enough to cover the bottoms of the jars and anything you used to elevate your items is perfect!

And that’s it! Can’t you see how this could get really addicting? So many different jar shapes and items to put inside, it’s a craft that lets your creativity take over.

I can’t wait to see how you construct your globes. Make sure to tag me over on Instagram if you make them so I can see and share your projects!

Happy crafting friends!

Eryn | Eryn Whalen Online
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  • Pat Pat on Nov 15, 2021

    What do you use for snow?

  • Nan Nan on Nov 16, 2021

    No water inside? Where did the drops of water come from...was it glue?

  • Rosemary Rosemary on Nov 16, 2022

    So, these aren't really snow globes that you shake and make it snow inside-? They're just a shelf decoration?

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  • Mary McDonald Mary McDonald on Nov 16, 2021

    So cute Eryn! I like all your projects as they are all doable on a moments notice. I love jars myself and keep a nice stash. One time an elderly man said he was cleaning and needed to get rid of his jars. This random guy in a parking lot! He reached in the back of his half ton and pulled out a big box of jars! Big jars! Little. Old ones! I kept some of them and hubby made me recycle the rest! 😊

  • Doreen Kennedy Doreen Kennedy on Nov 16, 2021

    I love these snow globes. We still have the ones our boys made over 30 years ago.