How to Make Your Own Homemade Bouquet

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Have seen all the bright pink and red hearts around Target and the grocery stores when you run your errands?! That’s right Valentines day {or what some might call “single awareness day” – we love you too!!} is right around the corner. So keep things thrifty and oh so sentimental we are showing all you fierce manly men how to make your own bouquet that looks so special and heartfelt (and let’s face it doesn’t break the bank!). With a little paper, ribbon and thoughtful planning this is sure to make your lucky lady’s day bright!! You ready for this?!? Original Blog Post: Photo Cred: Jessica Helton Website:
Step one, stop off at your nearest Trader Joe’s and snag some colorful sprigs. Need inspiration? Just think of your lady- what will make her smile?
Got your pretties? Here are a few of my favorites to inspire…. (yep the plant nerd in me is coming out)
Time to do some snip snip snip….
Simply grab flowers in one hand and stagger heights and colors, Maya decided to stop and smell the roses:) Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, just keep going!!
Once you feel like it’s nice and full, trim those extra long legs.
Now snag some fun wrapping paper- print? striped? you name it!! Cut off a section that is about 8 to 9 inches long to cover the stems.
Wrap the paper around the stems, it’s okay if it get’s a little “crunchy” looking….
And now for one more layer of paper to accent the other…
Time to tie it off with a bow!
Voila!!! Time to take it to your sweetie!
Suggested materials:
  • Flowers   (Trader Joe's)
  • String   (Had on Hand)
  • Wrapping Paper   (Had on Hand)
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