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Gaga's Garden - Susan Fox
by Gaga's Garden - Susan Fox
Mothers Day is important to children. They want to be involved in choosing a special gift for Mom. Planting a hanging basket project can engage all of the family from the youngest to the oldest. Let your kids pick the plants and get their hands dirty planting them. We went to the nursery, and every part of the project was their idea, from the container to each plant to be planted. Also if you want your flowers to last then plant a hanging basket that will last throughout the summer months and bring Mom and the whole family lots of joy!
The next step is the design and laying out the plants the way the kids want them in the hanging basket
Here's the Team! The kids are designing the lay-out of the Hanging Basket. Projects
What's more fun than getting everyone engaged in a project for Mom for her Mothers Day gift? This project will have everyone up to their elbows in fun and loving it. And your plants last all summer long and through the winter if you use winter protection.
Kids Planting Mother's Day Plants for Mom | Kid's Say the Darndest Things!
The Team selected the plants for the hanging basket Proven Winners 'Supertunias' in Orchid Charm, and White Russian and 'Euphorbia Graminea' in Diamond Frost.
The Kids Really Liked Corkskrew Rush
Another popular selection for the Hanging Basket is 'Spiralis' Corkskrew Rush
Oldest Designs Lay-Out of the Hanging Basket
Designing the lay-out before planting is lots of fun for the kids.
Starting to plant the plants in the basket
As the project gets underway there's still time to take time to 'smell the fragrance of the supertunias.'
Close up of lovely 'Supertunia' Orchid Charm
Every little detail of the flowers is not lost on a child. They seem to notice everything about the delicacy of the flowers as they place them in the basket.
Hanging Basket
Supertunias are extremely prolific. We did allow space for the basket to fill-in. You can put more plants in of course however I have planted Supertunias and they grow to amazing sizes and are very hardy. The kids loved the color and were thrilled to do the project for Mom.
Or You Can Get A Puppy for Mothers Day ;)
Now can I get a Puppy Mom?
Pretty Please Mom?
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  • Wallace Gardens Wallace Gardens on Apr 25, 2014
    This is the cutest idea, Susan. Great way to get kids involved in gardening, creativity - and perfect timing for Mother's Day. Love the idea of pairing the petunias with the euphorbia! #mothersday

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Apr 25, 2014
    Let's make Mom a hanging basket is such a better idea than let's buy Mom a hanging basket.

    • @Douglas Hunt Thank-you for your comment, I absolutely agree. And we had so much fun, lol. I appreciate you taking the time to comment Douglas. Susan