Party Treats Toilet Roll

Jenny Tease
by Jenny Tease
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5 Minutes
These cute little mushrooms full of party favours would be the perfect thing for a Alice in wonderland party
I cut a toilet roll in half and prepared all bits you need you will get 2 mushrooms out of 1 toilet roll
These are the things you will need
i started with wrapping one end of the toilet roll with 1 cupcake paper and used sticky tap to make it cover the bottom . I then filled with lollies the. Used another cupcake paper to wrap and cover the top , you then use a different coloured cupcake paper and make some dots all over :) different sizes .with the sticking tape make a loop going upside down so the sticky side is on the out side ( so it become like double. Sided sticky tape ) and place on the top of the toilet roll that had been covered and then press gently the mushroom head paper ontop :D easy so kids will love the little surprises inside you could add little toys like girls rings and little cars or even some balloons
Suggested materials:
  • Toilet rolls   (Left overs :D recycled materials)
  • Cup cake papers   (Had in be draw)
  • Sticky tape   (Already had a few rolls)
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