Recycle Tissue Box Into Gift Tags

Jenny Tease
by Jenny Tease
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5 Minutes
a simple thing anyone can do! so hold onto your old tissue boxs and use for these gift tags . I did this as a challenge of using a tissue box for home talk
I got together all the items I would need scissors , tissue box and twine
I used only the sides of the box as I really like the pattern on this box , and cut them into 2 inches wide and about 1 inch long out of the 2 sides I have now about 15 little tags
i made a little hole it a top corner I used sissors because I couldn't find my hole punch :( and wrote a message on my card to my mum I then thread the twine through the hole
i had my gifts ready to attach tags to and just tied them on . these would be ideal for any occasion birthday , Xmas and special occasions you could also decorate the cards any way you like using glitter and maybe glue on a few diamonties . To add some sparkle . I am using mine on the craft things I make and using for gifts to friends and family for Xmas a little more of a personal touch to our wonderful crafts as we create
A like vintage look cage I made over the weekend which will be a perfect gift for mum this Xmas
Suggested materials:
  • Old tissue box   (Left over)
  • Twine   (I had in my craft box available at any. Craft store)
  • Scissors   (Had at home)
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