Repurposed Cloth Covered Cheese Box/Gift Box

by Phillipcardjr
1 Hour
Using a repurposed block cheese box anyone can make a wonderful collectible gift box. A gift box that can be used again and again. And they are not just for the Holidays.
For this project, you will need a Velveeta or store brand cheese box; a patterned or solid color cloth; some glue ( I used Loctite brand spray adhesive); a ruler and pencil; scissors; and your choice of embellishments to finish it up.
You can use almost any cloth for this project as long as it hides the box lettering well enough. I used a repurposed new handkerchief that was originally going to be used for cloth bookmarks.
Once you have your cloth selected cut out a rectangular piece that is wide enough and long enough to wrap up over the sides of the box lid by 1/2'' to 1''.
My plan originally was to simply wrap the cloth over the edges and inside the box w/o any additional cutting but it was bulky and did not look good at the folds. What did work and allowed for pieces to go around the sides making nice tight corners, was to cut away some of the cloth leaving just enough on the narrow sides to wrap around the edges.
Here you can see what was done. When you have your material cut do a test fold to be sure everything lines up. Plus this step will help when you glue the material onto the box.
I did not photograph the step used to secure the cloth to the box. Since I used the spray adhesive the cloth underside was sprayed while it was on a separate surface then moved back to the work table. The cheese box was centered and set on the cloth. The cloth was then secured to the box and the extra tucked over the sides.

Whatever glue you use apply sparingly so it does not bleed through your cloth.
Because I enjoy painting, painted scenes were added to the top and long sides of the cheese box. The bottom of the box was left as is. I did paint a couple boxes as well, top and bottom which you can see by clicking on the link to my website. I'd be glad to have you stop over and see some of my other work that can provide you with ideas for other projects you can do.
I used this gift box to house the gift card I was giving my parents. The card is smaller than a regular gift card so I thought that by placing the card in a small jewelry box inside the cheese box then this inside a repurposed decorated tissue box and finally inside a decorated berry box it would be more interesting.

Mom was busy passing out gifts so did not see this and dad got to the decoration seen here and thought that was it, not realizing there was one more box to go under this. (shame on me🙂).
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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