Ammo Ornaments

by Rachel
Calling all gun loving decorators! This simple, cute, little bit of redneck decor is something we all can easily throw together with used ammo shells. It's nothing special, but it's an idea!
Easy. Easy. Easy. 5 minutes. Easy.

Take a circular object like pictured, hot glue ammo in orderly fashion(which I failed to do) around he circle, throw a ribbon on. and there you have it!

Ideas for circular ring:

-Cut and bend a wire hanger into a circle

-Cut a piece of cardboard into a circular donut type ring.

-Mason jar lid

-Use a different shape all together with something you do have laying around the house.
I honestly am not sure where I got the clear plastic circle, but iv'e been holding onto it hoping to use it, and that I did!
*NOTE: the Shells come off of the hot glue easily, so I plan to reuse the shells later in future projects.
I want to make more of these for my tree! Right now I just have the enough of these little shells for the one.
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