Christmas Decor Picture Frame Wreath Ornaments.

by Sarinasala1
2 Materials
40 Minutes
We are getting very busy as we prepare for Christmas! I created this quick and easy ornament craft that even the kids can give a try! Using a photo frame, some ornaments, ribbon, and glue you can create this pretty ornament for the holidays.

Here's what you'll need:
1) Frame any size you want . Mine is 5x7 frame
2) Ornaments.
3) Ribbon
4) Glue

That's it! Let's get started, here's how I made mine:
First lay out the materials you will be using.
Then you're going to want to decide how you will arrange your ornaments. Once you decide how to arrange them, it's time to get to putting it all together!

1) First attach the ribbons at varying lengths to each ornament.
2) Once you tie the ornaments to the ribbons, attach to top of frame using glue.
3) Then add another ribbon at the top of your frame so you can hang it where you'd like.
4) Hang it where you think is best. I think I'll hang mine on my door.

I also attached a decorative bird to the top of my frame, I think it looks beautiful!!
Here is the finished project! Give it a try yourself!
Suggested materials:
  • Frame   (Discount shop)
  • Ornaments   (Discount shop)
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